There are multiple NFTs that can be staked in order to receive $WILD, as follows:


Talius is the first collection of Arkanauts NFTs, representing one of two major factional societies on the Arkanauts' home planet as detailed in the official lore. Approximately 10% of Talius Arkanauts have already been claimed, with the rest of the collection to be fully released during the final mint day. You can receive $WILD by staking your Talius Arkanaut NFT.


During the first two pre-sales, we issued two Mystery Utility Box NFTs—now called "Pods"—as a reward for early supporters of the project. Participants in the first pre-sale were issued a green box/pod; buyers in the second pre-sale received a blue box/pod. Both Pods will be available for staking on June 1, 2022.

To be released soon

The second generation of Arkanauts is called Khandro and will be released soon, along with other items that will be pieces of "Arkanauts Gear".

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